QCQ- Rheingold

QCQ- Rheingold

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“The need to track your public Tweetmeme.com can tell you how many times your tweet or bundle has been retweeted.” (Chapter 3, 130)

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I found this quote interesting as it is something I am getting into researching more about seeing information on social media. Lucky, many social media sites are starting to implement ways to see your analytics. On Instagram, you can set your profile as a business profile to see the info twittermeme.com gives you. I think this point in the article is super important because if you can’t see how well your blog is doing then you can not improve or advertise properly. For instance, you may have 100 likes on a post, but your post only reached 109 people. As opposed to having 100 likes on a post that reached 1000 people. It may seem worse, but in this case, more people have seen your content which is more important. That way, you can base your improvement off the numbers of likes to people reached. Twitter has added a few of these features such as being able to see retweets and views on your tweet.


How do you think social media analytics can be improved?