Eurovision Weekly-Blog 9

Eurovision Weekly-Blog 9


The Semifinal orders are here, and they are…sure interesting. Albania opens the show, which is a perfect choice. The closing act is…Armenia? Why? Armenia has a fun, Lumineers like song, but as a closer it’s terribly boring. Many people are thinking the staging must be fantastic for it to be closing, but we will just have to wait and see. Semifinal 2 has a very average running order, so there isn’t much to mention there.


Ukraine’s band Kalush Orchestra is in a bit of a pinch. The band’s stage they were supposed to film their live-on-tape performance at was bombed, and one of their members is currently serving in the army. The odds of them getting to Turin are low, but not totally impossible, as the band has mentioned they are trying their hardest to get to Italy for the show.

Eurovision Pre-Parties are Here

The first Eurovision Pre-Party kicked off in Spain last week. Many artists made appearances including former winners Conchita Wurst and Jamala. to say there were tech issues would be an understatement. many act’s earpieces malfunctioned, causing them to be unable to hear themselves on stage. For the poor Czech Republic band, We Are Domi, this is the second live performance plagued with tech issues. Besides the sound issues, all the artists got to meet for the first time and the fans had a lot of fun.