QCQ 2- Bern/Dun/Kleon

QCQ 2- Bern/Dun/Kleon


“Of course, the first newspapers hit you with a headline that makes you really want to read more.”

Comment (250-500 words)

I found this sentence interesting because it shows how the concept of clickbait is an ancient concept. Newspapers have fallen out of relevance, but their tactic to draw attention are still used today in different media. The most common form of clickbait seen today is in youtube videos. many content creators have been called out for clickbaiting with titles and thumbnails. This practice takes newspaper headline attention drawing and add colorful and dynamic images to then add to the appeal. The problem with this is that it often ends up with the video being nothing like the thumbnail and title. Many clickbait videos include titles in all caps and the phrase (NOT CLICKBAIT) which is ironic as they usually are. The thumbnails are often brightly colored with extreme facial expressions which make the viewer believe that the video has insane content. Besides youtube online articles use the tactics of their newspaper brethren to draw in attention from viewers online. Many of these articles do not include any relevant information and only dance around the subject. Most of these articles talk about health benefits or speculation on things like tv shows or movies. Articles like this are mainly made for profit as they gain money from clicks. These techniques of clickbait were used to make newspapers sell better, and now they are being used to gain views and profit for youtube using titles and thumbnails, and also for online articles making profit on clicks using things like health and theory crafting to boost their clicks.

Question Why do you think clickbait has stayed so relevant?