Eurovision Weekly- Blog 6

Eurovision Weekly- Blog 6

We are only 8 songs away from our full Eurovision lineup, so today I thought I would talk about my top 5 so far.

5- Romania “Llamame”

What a fun song! WRS delivers a stunning performance chalk full of dancing and golden lights. The song combines modern elements with a deep ethnic sound and, surprisingly since it’s Romania, is partially in Spanish. This song was a favorite since the beginning, so seeing it win was a relief.

4- Cyprus “Ela”

Wow. After years of following a similar song format (aka every song they sent for the past 4 years has been the same) they finally send something new. Andromache delivers Greek sounds and styles with her song “Ela”. I love ethnic and cultural songs, and this is exactly that. the best part? It’s partially in Greek! More languages are always welcome.

3- Czech Republic “Lights Off”

The second song to be released this season is still one of my favorites. Nobody can match the sound that We Are Domi creates. It’s so unique and upbeat. I love a good beat and this song delivers. The band also has the powerful vocals of Dominika. This is sure to place top 15 this year and possibly top 10.

2- Spain “SloMo”

After all the hate this song and the artist received, it’s almost karma to the Spanish public that Chanel and “SloMo” top every single ranking. If this song doesn’t win, it’s getting second place. There is no possible way this song isn’t in the top three and that is something that Spain should be proud of.

1- Netherlands “De Diepte”

What a comeback. After hosting the competition last year and coming 23rd, the Netherlands are in it to win it and they very well could. This, like Spain, is topping every list and will no doubt be top three. I really love this song. It is so deeply personal and raw and the vocals by S10 are perfect. It’s also in Dutch which we haven’t seen for a while! Bravo Netherlands.