DS106- Midpoint Story

DS106- Midpoint Story

Daily Creates

I think my daily creates show that I like to approach each prompt with my own personal likes and dislikes. I like finding things that I enjoy to be used in the daily create each week. I like the daily creates that allow you to add images to talk about because it can add a visual element to the tweet.

in the future, I think checking the daily create every day could help me find daily creates i enjoy more, instead of waiting till Monday or Tuesday. Daily Create 3 – Tyler Zliczewski (uneportfolio.org) This one was probably my favorite because it was very fun, and I could add my own humor.

DS106 Assignments

I am very happy with my assignments as they are very smooth, and I didn’t have too much trouble doing them. It was a fun challenge if I was a bit confused on the way to create it, because I like finding creative ways to do the assignment. it’s also fun to do them with friends like this assignment where Sam, Scott and I made a gif together. DS106-Gif 2 – Tyler Zliczewski (uneportfolio.org)