Eurovision Weekly- Blog 11

Eurovision Weekly- Blog 11

Goodbye Israel…Maybe

Israel has withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest this year. this would normally be cause for great upset, but not with Israel. “Withdrawing” from Eurovision is quite common for Israel, and most of the time it is just empty threats.

A Eurovision Analyst’s view on the Israel Withdraw

This is actually the second time that Israel has threatened withdraw this year. Many have pointed out that the withdraw doesn’t even make sense due to the fact that all countries filmed “Live-on-tape” performances just in case they couldn’t physically attend. Since Israel’s withdraw is due to lack of security, why not just send the Live-on-tape? more damningly, Israel has not discussed the withdraw with the ebu, meaning they have not actually withdrawn yet.

Some fans are excited about Israel’s withdraw

Some are excited about the withdraw. fans have been calling for countries that violate Eurovision’s message of peace to be cast out of the contest. due to Israel’s assault on Palestine, their withdraw has been a quite heated topic. With both Russia and Israel out, many fans have now turned their eye to Azerbaijan, the turkey backed country that is at war with Armenia.