QCQ 1-Johnson/CLA

QCQ 1-Johnson/CLA

QCQ for DS106: Enabling Open, Public, Participatory Learning

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

“Groom started with a list of ten assignments, but scrapped the idea when Woodward

proposed that while those might be interesting assignments to Groom, the students could

probably come up with assignments based on the principles of the web that would be far

more interesting to them.”

(Pg 5 Paragraph 2)

Comment (250-500 words)

I believe that this quote is interesting because it shows a newer teaching mindset that many teachers struggle with. Many students find assignments and classes to be tedious or boring because they are outdated or overused. Especially in classes that now use technology, many websites being shown to students are no longer state of the art. By allowing students to use their knowledge of the current technology which surrounds them on a daily basis to create assignments that are new and interesting to them is a great idea that is seeing more implementation in this digital age. Students are almost never without a form of technology, which gives them access to more knowledge then many can fathom. While a teacher might think they know what the most efficient programs are, or what students find interesting nowadays, because of the fast pace of internet culture, many adults are doomed to be one or two steps behind. Using current principles of the web to direct teaching and assignments is important, which is why getting the most relevant information and tools is crucial. By collaborating with students on the creation of assignments, it allows the class to be current and takes a lot of time off of teachers so they can focus on more important aspects of their jobs. The paragraph goes on to mention that the project spoken about in the article was already a collaborative effort by students and teachers which was successful. Having assignments be collaborative just made sense for the class.


Do you think allowing assignments to be made by students can help a class be current, or do you think it could be to basic and vulgar if left to student discretion?