Eurovision Weekly- Blog 11

Eurovision Weekly- Blog 11

It’s less than a month away! Eurovision is almost here and that means that rehearsals are about to begin. Today, i thought i would explain the rehearsal process, and changes coming this year

Stand-In Rehearsal

I love these rehearsals. The team working on Eurovision invites local small singers and high school students to act as a stand in for the dancers and singer. this seems quite average, but the fun comes when a certain country did not submit a recorded track to rehearse with. In this case, the stand in sings the song in place of the track. most of the time, the singer is absolutely amazing and it’s a joy to see. My favorite stand ins are those where the song is in a different language. the stand ins who lip-sync often just mouth random words because they don’t know the language

First Rehearsals

This year, first rehearsals will be moved to TikTok which, honestly, does nothing different. first rehearsals show us about a 5 second clip of the staging so it usually amounts to nothing. moving them to tiktok won’t hurt anyone in any way.

Second Rehearsals

These are the best rehearsals. this is where at least a 30 second to 1 minute clip is shown, which is fully enough to determine what is good staging and what is terrible. with these rehearsals, the final decisions on people’s top 10s are set and usually a winner starts to emerge.