Eurovision Weekly-Blog 4

Eurovision Weekly-Blog 4


Finally, a good decision from Poland! Krystian Ochman has won Poland’s national final. He was the winner of The Voice Poland and has enchanted Europe with his song “River”. As someone who is Polish, all I can say is FINALLY! We finally have a song many people consider the winner of the year. all Poland needs to do is stage the song well and the trophy this year is theirs.


Norway has chosen to “give that wolf a banana” with the band Subwoolfer. The quirky duo has brought back the funny joke entries of old Eurovision yet kept the production of the song in the current era. There have been many theories as to who the two band members are, such as people believing they may be Ylvis of “What does the fox say” fame. Whoever they are, their funny song and personas have made them a fan favorite.

Croatia and San Marino

Oh boy. While most other countries were having an exciting night of amazing music and fan favorite winners, Croatia…has chosen a song almost nobody had as their winner. Mia Dimsic has won for Croatia, which was a shock to see being that I haven’t seen her higher than 5th on people’s rankings. Many people showed similar confusion.

A Twitter user expresses their dislike for the winner

Mia and her song “Guilty Pleasure” beat out the likes of my personal favorite Bernarda, a blind singer with a sensational song that rocked the stage. San Marino had a similarly dull result, and not because the winner was bad, but because the contest was clearly rigged. Achille Lauro has won with “Stripper” and absolutely nobody was surprised. because it was rigged. not much to say about the song, as it is very middle of the road.

Malta and Slovenia

Malta was basically San Marino 2.0 where the winner was pretty much rigged. Luckly Emma Muscat’s song “Out of Sight” is actually pretty good. it was nowhere near as liked as “Ritmu” by Aiden, but it had less outrage by the result as Croatia did. The song is very radio friendly and basic, but Emma Muscat’s vocals are perfect. she is extremely good at singing. if only she had a better song.

Slovenia has sent…highschoolers? In all seriousness the band LPS (Last Pizza Slice) and their song “Disko” has become one of my favorites, which is surprising because Slovenia never sends anything good other than maybe 2019. The song is just what the title says, a Disco throwback that is fun and danceable. While it suffered from a few hours of dislike on twitter, many people have come to love the song.